How to Keep Grass Green in Hot Weather

As the temperature rises in your neighborhood, your grass does the opposite. Hot summer weather often causes green grass to turn brown and eventually die. Keeping your grass green and healthy in the summer might take a bit more effort, but it's achievable and well worth it. 

Learning how to keep grass green in hot weather will save you in the long run. The effort you put into it now to keep it alive is less effort than you'll have to put into it to correct the issue if your entire lawn dies. Keeping your lawn green in the summer might even be easier than you think.

To learn everything you need to know about maintaining a healthy lawn in the summer, continue reading below!

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn allows all of the important nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Be sure to remove any fallen leaves or twigs from your grass as you see them.

To aerate your lawn, you need a simple garden fork to penetrate the soil, allowing water to then seep through and reach the roots. You can even buy aeration garden shoes, which have spikes underneath them that do the work for you as you walk. 

Water Your Lawn In The Mornings

Watering your lawn in the mornings is important not only for proper absorption but for preventing disease as well. If you water your grass in the hot summer afternoons, the sun will cause the water to evaporate before it can be absorbed by the soil and roots. 

Watering in the morning allows the water to absorb properly. It also prevents diseases from growing, because the sun will dry all of the water off of the grass blades before night time. One good tip is to have your sprinklers set on a timer to water in the mornings. 

Keep It Fertilized 

You'll also need to keep your grass fertilized. The fertilizer will add all of those important nutrients to your soil that were once lost during the winter. 

All bags of fertilizer should come with instructions on the back. Follow these instructions to ensure you feed your grass correctly. This will help your grass grow and keep it green as well. 

Mow On A High Setting

Lawn mowing is a necessity, even in the summer. When mowing in the summer, mow your grass on a higher setting, if not the highest setting. You want to keep your grass a bit higher than what you're used to during the other months.

Don't worry, however, your lawn will still appear well-kept and maintained with higher blades of grass. Your higher grass blades will keep the water from drying out too quickly. 

Learn How To Keep Grass Green In Hot Weather Today!

The hot months of summer are no match for you and your lawn when you know how to keep grass green in hot weather! To ensure that your lawn is watered on a consistent basis during the mornings, you need to install a sprinkler system and timer!

Doing so makes things much easier on yourself! Do you not own a sprinkler system yet?

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