How Often Should I Water My Lawn?: Your Burning Lawn-watering Questions Answered

Will you love your lawn even if it requires time and effort to maintain it

If yes, great. That means you wouldn't mind mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and all the other tasks you have to perform to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

This includes watering, of course. You have to know when to water your lawn and how often to do it. 

Now, if you've been wondering about things like, "How often should I water my lawn?" don't worry. We'll answer all your lawn-watering questions starting with...

How Do I Know My Lawn Needs Watering? 

There are some tests you can perform to see if your lawn needs watering.

One is the step test. This involves stepping on your lawn to see if the grass will spring back right away. If it doesn't, it means it's due for some watering. 

Another thing to check would be the blades of your grass. If they're curling or losing their color, it's time to water your lawn. 

What's the Best System for Watering My Lawn? 

You have different options when it comes to watering your lawn. There are spray systems, rotor systems, soaker hoses, and so on. 

If you're not sure about the best watering system for your yard, you can consult with a professional. You can also ask your neighbors who have a lawn for their recommendations. 

Remember, your lawn irrigation decisions will depend on factors such as your yard's soil type, weather conditions in your region, and so on. It's best to ask now and get the right sprinkler system, for example, than regret your choice later on. 

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

It's better to water your lawn deeply twice or thrice a week, rather than watering it daily. Watering your lawn every day will cause your grass to have a shallow root system. This will make your turf weaker and prone to drying out fast.

As for how long to run sprinklers, it depends on the type of sprinkler you have, and how strong the water pressure is where you live. You should aim to give your lawn at least an inch to 1 1/2" per week, all throughout the year. (Yes, even during winter).

When's the Best Time to Water Grass? 

You should water your lawn between 4 to 10 in the morning. These hours are ideal because less sunlight means the water will not evaporate fast. You're also protecting your lawn from diseases since you're giving it the rest of the day to dry. 

Now, let's say you don't have an automatic watering system, and you forget to water your lawn in the morning. Keep in mind that watering at any time is still better than not doing it at all. 

Got More Lawn-Related Questions? 

Now that you know the answers to your topmost lawn-watering question especially, "How often should I water my lawn?" don't stop there.

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