Dealing with Lawn Issues

There’s nothing worse than when you want to have people over and show off your beautiful home, only to be troubled with dry, rotting and patchy grass. Solving the issues with your grass can become a complicated and expensive process if you don’t have the right resources.

The good news is that for most lawn issues, there are common fixes that will start you on the path to lush, green grounds. The issue is likely related to lack of water, poor soil quality or improper cutting.

In this post we’ll be looking more closely at how you can solve some of these common problems with your lawn.

Getting Fertilization Right

If you have poor soil quality in your yard, it can be extremely difficult to properly grow a full carpet of plush grass. That’s because pests will prey on the grass or your yard will become a feeding ground for larger wildlife that dig up the lawn in search of their meal. To remedy, you need to find out what’s living beneath your soil and use the proper insecticide to treat it.

Other common soil and grass issues can occur due to lack or overuse of fertilizers. These contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which all need to be at certain levels to get the healthiest grass growing. You can have your soil tested or use an at home kit to see if your yard is unbalanced in either of these areas to try and fix your lawn problems.

Knowing When to Cut

Another issue you may not realize is happening when it comes to proper lawn care is the frequency and height at which you’re cutting your grass. If you’re cutting the lawn too short and too frequently are harming its ability to grow fully. By keeping the mower setting to at least two-and-a-half to three inches, the lawn will be able to maintain a bit more moisture and grow healthier.

Achieving Proper Irrigation

While water is one of the most vital elements needed for a successful yard, overdoing it can cause issues too. The time of day and local weather forecast all effect how much you should be watering. The best way to measure and maintain proper watering is to use a sprinkler system set on timers. This takes the guess work and heavy lifting off your plate and ensures the grass is never forgotten or neglected.

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