5 Sprinkler System Mistakes to Avoid for New Homeowners

Summer temperatures can reach scorching heights. If you don't have adequate rain or water, then your lawn will pay the price.

Is your sprinkler system ready to keep your yard alive?

Make sure you avoid these rookie sprinkler system mistakes. Being a new homeowner carries its own challenges, don't add sprinkler maintenance to the list.

1. Water Everything at the Same Time

Do you need to save some time? It is easy to water the bushes, trees, and shrubs at the time as grass. Avoid this rookie mistake, and save yourself headaches later.

Grass and shrubbery have different root systems that absorb water at various rates. 

Since bushes don't need as much water as grass, don't water everything at once. If you do, then you'll have shrubs growing out of control.

2. Rain Shut Off

There's no need to have the sprinklers on during the rain. When your scheduled routine system starts after a rain shower, a shut-off device stops the sprinklers.

Older sprinkler systems don't have rain shut-off mechanisms, but you will save money and possibly avoid damaging plants and grass with one.

Check with your local laws or HOA to determine requirements. Some communities will fine homeowners for not having a rain shut-off device.

3. Placing Pipe Trenches

New homeowners face the tough task of place pipe trenches at the perfect depth. Pipes buried near the surface are susceptible to any surface pressure. A person might break the sprinkler pipes by merely walking on the grass.

Pipes buried too far down might sustain damage, and it will go unnoticed. Additionally, repairs or replacements to the sprinkler system are more complicated when buried deep.

The best estimate is to bury your pipes in trenches between seven and 10 inches. Consult with a professional expert and find out what depth works for you.

4. Cover the Entire Yard

Don't worry about covering the entire yard. Be strategic to save money and avoid patches.

If your property has an incline, don't place a sprinkler head at the bottom of the hill. Water runoff will keep the grass hydrated. Adding a sprinkler head may oversaturate the patch and cause uneven growth.

5. Skipping Regular Maintenance

Every year a homeowner needs a maintenance check on the entire sprinkler system. Call a technician you trust to inspect every aspect.

If they replace parts, be confident the replacement parts will get the job done.

Skipping regular maintenance could stall your summer and kill your grass. Don't be the house on the block with a dead yard.

Give the Grass a Drink and Avoid These Sprinkler System Mistakes

Don't let the summer heat get the best of your property. Give the grass a drink by avoiding these sprinkler system mistakes.

Lighten your burden and focus on the other obstacles of homeownership.

If you're in need of replacement parts or tools this summer, don't hesitate and contact us today.