5 Kinds of Yard Plants That Need a Lot of Water

Growing a garden and a lush green lawn can be one of the most satisfying pastimes. When things start to turn brown and dry, it can be stressful. You may have several plants that need a lot of water.

If this is the case, there are a few easy things you can do to get things back on track. To help you out, we’ve rounded up five of the most common plants that need more water. With a little extra H2O, your garden will be lush and blooming once more.

1. Ferns

Ferns are naturally found on forest floors. They thrive in damp, shady, environments. If you have ferns in your yard and landscaping, you’ll want to make sure they get plenty of water. Ferns are plants that need a lot of water and little sun.

You can grow your fern year-round in the right space. You’ll want to place them in the shade or under trees. If you’re planting them in the ground, keep them in moisture-rich soil or near your sprinkler system.

Ferns love being damp. Ferns can tolerate the summer heat and also the cold winter. These make them easy to grow in your shade garden, no matter where you live.

2. Grass

Grass needs more water than you may think. In most of the country, rain alone will not be enough to keep your grass green and lush.

If you have dead, brown patches on your lawn, water could be the problem. To keep your grass looking beautiful, you’ll want to install a sprinkler system or water it regularly. 

3. Tropical Plants and Flowers

Tropical plants love warm, moist environments. Many tropical plants can be grown indoors as well as outdoors with enough access to sunlight and water. These can provide beautiful, large, leaves, and colorful blooms.

To help your tropical plants thrive, keep them near your sprinkler system or water them daily. Tropical plants can be trees, shrubs, or flowering plants. These are often planted in the ground in warm climates.

For climates with cold seasons, tropical plants are used in containers during the summer months. No matter where you plant them, water them often and thoroughly. Remember that the larger the leaves on your plant, the more water they will need.

4. Vegetable Plants That Need a Lot of Water

In your vegetable garden, there are a few veggies that need a lot of water. Lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, and celery need a little extra water.

Watch your soil and make sure these are getting plenty of water. Too much water could cause some wilting, so it’s important to find the right balance. 

5. Shrubs

Shrubs are found all over the United States. One of the most common and easy to grow shrubs are the Virginia sweetspire.

These provide beautiful flowers in the spring and can thrive in the shade or full sun. You’ll find these in nature near swamps and wetlands so be sure to keep your soil moist.

The buttonbush also grows near wetlands in nature. These bushes provide beautiful white flowers in the spring and summer. Keep these and other shrubs near your sprinkler or water them often

Taking Care of Plants That Need a Lot of Water

Caring for plants that need a lot of water can be hard without a plan. To keep outdoor plants that need a lot of water, healthy, consider installing a sprinkler system. You can rest easier knowing your garden and lawn is getting all the water it needs.

For more information on sprinkler systems, hoses, and irrigation supplies, head to the product page to find everything you need. Your well-watered yard will be lush and green once more.