3 Types of Grass You Can Use For Your Lawn

Did you know that turf grasses cover over 40 million acres of land in the contiguous United States?

We Americans love our lawns and put quite a bit of time, energy, and expense into lawncare each year.

The type of grass you grow in your lawn can impact whether your lawn thrives or struggles.

Let's take a look at three different types of grass for both warm-season and cool-season locations.

Three Popular Warm-Season Grasses

If you live in the southern United States, you'll likely want to plant warm-season grass in your yard.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass can tolerate a low mowing height and is therefore commonly used on Southern golf courses. Creating a dense, thick turf, this grass can grow as far north as Kansas City.

This is considered a high-maintenance grass in terms of its mowing, watering, and fertilizing needs.

Centipede Grass

This is a good grass for your lawn if you live in a hot, humid climate. It needs adequate moisture to survive, so it's not recommended in places with dry heat.

St. Augustine Grass

This is a good grass for the Gulf Coast Region and Florida. It will sometimes be found in certain locations in California.

You might also hear St. Augustine grass being referred to as Floratum. Floratum is actually a specific type of St. Augustine grass.

This grass requires a lot of moisture to survive and has a very low tolerance for the cold.

Three Popular Cool-Season Grasses

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, or the North, you'll likely want to plant a cool-season grass on your lawn.

Fine Fescue Grass

This is a shade-tolerant grass, so it's perfect for your yard if it's covered in shade or fruit trees. It's important to note that this grass will not tolerate dry conditions nor hot conditions.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This is one of the most popular cool-season grasses. With beautiful green color and a fantastic texture, you'll find it's frequently grown on sod farms in the Northern U.S.

If you notice your neighbor has a nice looking lawn with v-shaped blades that are soft and a dark green color, it might be Kentucky bluegrass. While grass identification can become a bit of an art in itself, it's fair to expect that you'll find a lot of this grass up north.

Kentucky bluegrass is so beautiful that an entire region in Kentucky is named after it.


Ryegrass is another popular cool-season grass in the North. It doesn't tolerate being too cold, however, and places like Canada, Minnesota, and Wisconsin might not be able to support its needs.

Is It Time For You to Upgrade Your Lawncare System?

In order to keep our grass in tip-top shape, you need the right tools. Having a sprinkler system is an important part of your lawncare process. They can help fuel the process of photosynthesis and prevent weed invasions, sparse growth, and dead patches on your lawn.

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