2018 Lawn Care Tips & Advice

Caring for your lawn is something most homeowners either roll up their sleeves and take on or hire someone to come and take care of for them. Either way, understanding what’s needed to promote healthy grass is important. Here is some lawn care advice for both types of homeowners.

Figure out Watering Needs

Regardless of the route you decide to go to keep your lawn healthy, you need to understand the basics of watering and fertilizing needed to support your specific lawn. Soil and grass types as well as climate all factor into what is needed to help your grass grow well. By performing a soil test you can find out what deficiencies are present and choose the proper fertilizer. Watering needs also vary and overwatering can take a toll on your lawns health and appearance just as much as drought and under watering can. Factors such as rainfall can change how much water the lawn needs. Having a sprinkler system on timers, or better yet that uses sensors will help you to get the most accurate watering.

Getting Your Equipment Ready for the Season

If you live in parts of the nation where seasonal weather changes force you to store your lawn equipment until the warm weather comes around again, you’ll need to follow the proper steps to get everything ready to run again come spring and summer. Check with user manuals and add appropriate fuels before running the first start-up for the season. Your sprinkler system will also need to be started again after winterizing. Prepare and recharge them for the warm season so your lawn gets the appropriate moisture it needs to grow green and full.

Choosing a Landscaping Company

If you don’t have the time or desire to stay outside keeping up with grass cutting and other trimming and maintenance then you’ll probably resort to a landscaping company. But just choosing the first one you come across isn’t a wise move. Looking for a reputable landscaper and a professional company will ensure your lawn is in good hands. Be sure to check for Better Business Bureau ratings as well customer references, online reviews and images of their past work. They should be able to provide a free estimate so you can meet with a few to get a feel for their prices and professionalism before you decide.

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