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Water Hose & Hose Faucet Timers

Setting your yard up for success simply takes a little know-how. At Sprinkler System Store we’ve got you covered. Browse through our selection of water hose and hose faucet timers and you’ll see a little of everything you need to set up a watering system that meets your needs and that keeps your grass and gardens growing and fresh.

With water hose and hose faucet timers you can easily transform a traditional, manual and arduous process of watering into one that’s efficient and effective.

The key with the setup is to use quality products that have been proven to last. At Sprinkler System store, we offer top of the line products are competitive rates. That means you’ll still get the lush green grass you dreamed of — but without breaking the bank.

Creating a watering system means you can ‘set it and forget it.’ Simply program the timers on a schedule that delivers water at the most optimal time of day and for the correct period of time.

Recommendations are typically to water lawns in the morning so the sun's rays can soak up additional moisture and when wind is less likely to blow and dry the water before it’s had a chance to deliver proper nutrients to plants.

By attaching a meter with a large LCD screen display to your hose faucet, you can easily set on and off times for the hose and forget about having it on your already jam-packed to-do list each day.

To make things even easier, we also have hose timers that turn a simple garden hose faucet into a multi-station automatic sprinkler system. Feeling inventive? Check out our valves which you can add to create extra ports and further customize an entire do-it-yourself sprinkler system.


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