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Remote Control Sprinkler Timers

It can be a hassle to manually turn on and off your sprinkler system. It can be even more of a problem if your water supply is far from your house or you have multiple zones running. Wouldn’t it be nice to start up and turn off your system from the comfort of your own home? With one of our convenient remote control sprinkler timers you can do it all without ever setting foot in your yard.

After installing one of our remote control sprinkler timers, keeping your lawn green will be easy. Some of our remote control products offer up to 6 valves or zones of coverage. With some of the remotes having a range of up to 300 feet, you may not even have to step outside to get your irrigation system going. Some of our remote control timers can even sense rain, shutting off the system when your lawn is being watered naturally.

Remote control sprinkler timers aren’t just convenient, they are practical too. If your irrigation system is set up in zones, you can control them individually with a remote. If only certain zones need watering, or other zones need to be watered more, you can do that in just a few simple clicks! Remote control timers have the ability to work with misting or drip systems. They allow you to water your lawn or garden multiple times a day for set intervals of time.

Our remote control sprinkler timers are multilingual, a backlit LCD display, and run off a 9 volt battery. With several remote control options, you will have to decide which one is right for you and your lawn! With just a few clicks you can set your sprinklers to go on and off whenever you want them to. You won’t be disappointed when watering your lawn is no longer a hassle because you installed an easy to use remote control timer system!


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