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From pop-up to gear drive systems, impact heads to bubblers, we have a large variety of Orbit sprinklers for your many lawn watering needs. With many different spraying distances and patterns, all of our garden sprinkler heads are durably constructed to ensure many years of dependable yard use.

We offer many different pop-up Orbit sprinkler heads that feature between two and 12 inches to meet many different garden watering needs. Our spring-loaded pop-up heads have many different spraying patterns, including full, half and quarter options as well as side, end, and center strip patterns. From plastic to brass, all pop-up sprinklers we have are solidly built to last.

Many of our pop-up lawn sprinkler heads feature gear drive rotors. Gear-driven sprinkler heads ensure smooth and quiet rotation. Gear drive rotors are durably built for years of long-lasting, excellent performance. The Orbit Voyager II is one professional sprinkler head of many that make up our collection. These water sprinklers guarantee full and even watering coverage.

All of our impact sprinkler heads feature anti-backsplash arms and deflectors. Anti-backsplash arms ensure that water sprays in a quiet and smooth rotation. Deflector shields guarantee that water sprays only where it needs to be and does not spray sidewalks and other areas that do not need watering. The Orbit underground sprinklers have impact heads that can be combined with full automatic or above-ground watering systems and relocated where needed.

Our shrub heads and bubblers are low to the ground and perfect for watering plant and shrub areas. Most of our shrub head sprinklers have adjustable water flow and spray distance patterns for versatility in use. The mushroom bubblers and other heads we offer have adjustable flow rates. All of our shrub head sprinklers are easy to install and operate for all your garden watering needs.

Not only do we supply impact and pop-up heads, we also have flush sprinklers that sit flush with the ground. A flush sprinkler head accentuates the beauty and fullness of your lawn and makes your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

With so many different yard sprinkler heads, you are sure to find exactly what you need for all your lawn watering needs. We provide great customer service and excellent prices to keep lifetime satisfied customers.


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