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Pipe & Fittings

The selection of pipes and irrigation fittings we offer is extensive and provides you with an excellent value for installing or repositioning lawn sprinkler heads. We offer the Orbit quick coupler as well as hose fittings that attach a standard garden hose directly to an underground sprinkler pipe. We have saddle tees and funny pipe fittings that make your yard sprinkler system more versatile. With adapters and couplings that allow use with riser flex and funny pipe, you can easily install or place lawn sprinkler heads in hard-to-reach areas for efficient garden watering.

With male- and female-threaded fittings and adapters in many different sizes, we have just what you need to make installations or repairs to your garden irrigation system. With elbow and swing-joint fittings, you can easily customize your lawn sprinkling system to meet your yard's specific and unique needs.

Our spiral barb adapters and fittings easily connect to flex pipe and are compatible with Toro® Funny Pipe™ so you can use them on any yard sprinkler system you have. All of our pipe fittings are durably built of high-quality PVC, high-impact plastic or solid brass so they ensure many years of dependable use.

We have a good selection of flex and funny pipe in a variety of lengths from 18 inches to 100 feet. This flexible tubing is sturdily constructed of polyethylene material that can bend continuously without breaking or rupturing. Funny pipe is ideal for extending lawn sprinkler heads to out-of-the-way areas where you need to water. Our riser flex pipe will last for many years.

Not only do we supply adapters, pipe fittings and couplers, we also offer many different styles and sizes of cutting tools to help you customize your funny or PVC irrigation pipe to the exact length you need. All of our tubing and pipe cutters are built to last for many years, so you don't have to keep purchasing new tools as your lawn irrigation system gets older.

Our pipe and fittings selection is large and just what you need to customize your Orbit sprinkler system to fit your lawn and garden's specific watering needs. We offer excellent customer service and great prices for you. Look no further for your funny pipe and fittings than right here.


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