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Sprinkler Pumps and Sprinkler Pump Relays

The sprinkler world is full of many different parts and products that you may not know about or understand. Irrigation pumps and relays may be some of those things. First of all, a pump is used to move water from wells or lakes to those garden sprinklers that are not connected to a pressurized system.

For more remote locations where wells are used, sprinkler pumps are a must-have. With wells and lakes as a source for a lawn irrigation system, water does not automatically get sent to the valves. For this, a pump start relay is needed. This Orbit part connects to a sprinkler pump and synchronizes with an automatic timer. It automatically activates the pump to send water to irrigation pipes and valves before a watering timer starts an automatic sprinkler system. This is water-efficient and effective in effortless and smooth operation of a lawn watering system.

We also offer a sprinkler valve pump filter for irrigation canals or lakes. This irrigation pump filter traps lake or canal water debris from entering an automatic watering system, making the sprinkler system more efficient and longer lasting.


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