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Misting Nozzles Fittings & Drain Valves

Watering and sprinkler systems aren’t just for keeping your grass green. Misting nozzles can also be added to your sprinklers to help cool off patios and even keep allergies at bay.

Misting systems can be set to spray into the air and cool down patio temperatures especially around pools and areas that will get high foot traffic, having a solution for cooling the space down while on a really hot day will make the outdoor experience a more pleasurable one.

Likewise, if you suffer for dust and other pollen allergens in the air you can benefit from a misting system that keeps the air moist.

At Sprinkler System Store we have all of the misting nozzle fittings and drain valves you’ll need to successfully set up a misting system to meet your specific needs.

Worried about water pressure or how you’ll keep water from collecting in the space? No worries, we have a solution for all of your concerns.  Our drain valves are a must have for any misting system and can easily be installed to ensure mist water is properly siphoned and drained while also reducing clogging.

If you’re worried about water pressure, we also have couplings designed to specifically meet your water pressure requirements for various misting settings.

Depending on where and how you’ll be using a misting system, we can supply the nozzles and fittings to make your system fully functional. From longer misting nozzles for hard to reach places to customizable extension pieces - we’ve got you covered.

Isn’t it time your outdoor space was enjoyable? Don’t stay indoors and out of the heat. Lounge by the pool with a mist that keeps you cool. Let Sprinkler System Store supply you with long-lasting products for misting and cooling today. 


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