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Garden Hose Washers & Accessories

Are you frustrated with trying to find a quality garden hose that will last? Are leaks and other issues with your garden hose something you struggle with constantly? At Sprinkler System Store we know how important having a quality garden hose that works as it should is for growing a lush garden and lawn. After all, nothing’s more frustrating than having to buy a new hose every few weeks when issues continue to creep up.

Garden hoses can burst for so many reasons. Hard water pressure, extreme temperatures, over tightening, accidentally driving over the hose with your car, and so many other reasons can cause a number of issues with the performance of your garden hose. But these issues can be easily fixed with quality accessories.

At Sprinkler System Store we’re experts in what we do. Let us guide you in purchasing garden hose washers and accessories that are durable and that will withstand years of use while helping you to be productive.

Our 12-pack of garden hose washers make it possible to have a watertight seal on your garden hose. So water will no longer pour from out of the spout or faucet while you’re using the hose. They are also built to resist cracking and hardening and last for many years of dependable yard watering performance.

Another fix for leaky garden hoses are end connectors. We offer different hose repair bundles depending on which area of your hose needs to be mended and include steel hose clamps so you’ll have a leak free seal around the hose and faucet.

In addition to a large variety of options to help with your specific garden hose issues, we also have the best prices and customer service you can find. Take a look at our inventory today and resolve your garden hose issues once and for all. 


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