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Garden Hose Repair Couplings & Adaptors

Damaged garden hoses are frustrating. But, they are not a complete loss. Did you know that there are some pretty easy and quick fixes you can make to your garden hose to make it fully functional again?

At Sprinkler System store we pride ourselves on offering you high quality parts and solutions for all of your garden and lawn watering needs. From repair kits to mending solutions and extra pieces you need, when you need them.

With garden hose repair couplings and adaptors, you can easily patch up a leak or combine together separate pieces of hose and create a garden hose that works again like new.

Why toss a perfectly good garden hose that you spent good money on? Whether your watering hose is old and just finally showing its age, or you mistakenly ran over it with the lawn mower, getting a leak isn’t the end of your garden hose’s life.

A cost sensible fix for a busted garden hose is to get a repair coupling, preferably made of brass or metal, and then either cutting the old coupling off and attaching the new one, or cutting the damaged area of the hose off and then attaching the 2 pieces of hose using a clamp. This fix rids the issue with your hose as if it never existed.

At Sprinkler System Store we also offer menders for male and female ends on standard hoses. These replace and repair the threaded male end of a garden hose and are made of heavy duty construction so you can put leaks behind you and start enjoying your lawn and plant watering process again. 


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