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Benefits of Using a Sprinkler and Timer to Water Your Lawn and Garden

- 10/21/2016 10:12:51 AM
A sprinkler system timer is designed to be simple to use. Most are compact and can be used over an outside tap. A sprinkler system has a programmable timer that you can adjust with one or two buttons to turn on the sprinkler at the time of your choice.
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How to Protect Your Lawn from the Effects of a Light Frost

- 10/17/2016 11:12:24 AM
Now that fall has arrived, many people are waking up in the morning to find frost on their lawns. Frost can damage grass, but fortunately this is easy to prevent.
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Can a Lawn Be Cut When It Is Wet?

- 9/27/2016 8:28:15 AM
Your lawn needs to be mowed on a regular basis, even in the fall. It is better and easier to cut grass when it is dry. Walking on wet grass while pushing a lawn mower can cause you to slip.
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How to Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for the First Frost

- 9/23/2016 2:11:55 PM
The first frost of the fall will be arriving soon in many parts of the United States. You should take some steps to prepare your lawn and garden for the upcoming winter so they will survive and thrive in the spring.
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Does Grass Need to Be Cut in the Fall?

- 9/19/2016 9:37:13 AM
Fall is right around the corner. When the weather starts turning cooler, many homeowners stop mowing their lawns. People often think that mowing is unnecessary in the fall, but that is not true.
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Tips to Care for Your Lawn This Fall

- 8/30/2016 3:06:57 PM
Cool fall weather will be here soon, and then winter will be upon us. Many homeowners do not pay as much attention to their lawns in the fall as they do in the spring and summer because they believe their grass that is not growing as fast does not need as much care.
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