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Should You Remove Snow and Ice from Your Garden?

- 2/3/2016 9:49:55 AM
Snow in your garden should usually not be a cause for concern. It can insulate plants and provide much needed moisture. However, heavy snow and ice can cause plants in your garden to bend or break. Here are some tips to help you protect your plants this winter.
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Frost Heave Can Damage Your Garden

- 1/19/2016 3:16:12 PM
If you live in a cold region or an area that usually gets several hard frosts, frost heave can damage the plants in your garden. Frost heave usually occurs in early spring or late fall when there are cooler temperatures and the soil has more moisture.
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Rock Salt Used to Treat Roads, Driveways, and Sidewalks Can Damage Your Lawn

- 1/15/2016 9:02:09 AM
During the winter, cities and towns put rock salt on roads to melt snow and ice, and many homeowners use rock salt to melt ice on driveways and sidewalks. Rock salt is extremely corrosive and can cause major damage to the grass if it gets onto your lawn.
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Snow Can Protect Your Grass from Winter Desiccation

- 1/7/2016 3:45:03 PM
Cold and windy winter weather can cause damage to a lawn that can be difficult to correct. During the winter, desiccation can damage the grass on a lawn. Desiccation occurs when the turfgrass is in a dormant or semi-dormant stage.
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Voles and Snow Mold Are Two Common Causes of Winter Lawn Damage

- 12/30/2015 9:45:28 AM
Lawns are often damaged during the winter by voles and snow mold. You can take steps to prevent damage to your yard this season. Voles eat grass blades and roots and make runways, or windy trails of damaged grass, in lawns under snow.
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Lawn Care Tips to Prepare for Winter

- 12/18/2015 12:11:32 PM
With the beginning of winter right around the corner, you need to finish up your lawn care routine and take some steps to prepare your lawn and gardening equipment for the colder months.
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