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Drip Line & Irrigation Tube Fittings

If you need to make repairs or customize your drip irrigation system, couplings and Drip Irrigation Fittings are essential. For you to be able to connect distribution tubing, barbed couplers and tees are ideal. To extend the length of your drip tubing, elbow fittings and tubing couplings are a must.

For repairing, replacing or customizing drip distribution tubing, you need drip tube fittings so you can have the most efficient drip watering system possible. Whether you need ¼-inch or ½-inch connections, we have the drip irrigation fittings and adapters you need to make your drip irrigation system work effectively and water more efficiently.

Whether you are adding a distribution line or repairing damaged tubing, we have what you need to keep your drip water system working well for many years.


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