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Sprinkler Valves & Irrigation Valves | Orbit Sprinkler Parts

Sprinkler valves are important to the proper function of any sprinkler or irrigation system. Sprinkler valves work by channeling water in from the main line, which then exerts force on an internal spring-loaded diaphragm. A small built-in leak in the diaphragm lets water flow into an upper chamber which contains a solenoid that, when triggered, relieves pressure on the diaphragm and forces it up, letting the water flow into the outgoing channel.

If you need new sprinkler valves from trusted names like Orbit, you’ve come to the right place. A Sprinkler System Store, we have a good selection of durable plastic and heavy-duty brass solenoid Orbit sprinkler valves that are energy-efficient and long-lasting. With jar top and anti-siphon valves, we have every type of water valve you need to ensure many years of dependable garden watering use. We also offer sprinkler valve repair kits so that you can extend the working lifespan of the valves you’re already using.

If you are the type of person who would rather save time and spend a little more money, you need to check out our ready-to-go pre-assembled Orbit Sprinkler Valve Manifold System with either two or three valves.

With 24-volt sprinkler valve solenoids, all of our Orbit sprinkler valves conserve energy and allow for excellent yard watering. Our control valves are some of the best and are able to work with many different brands of sprinkler systems. From manual sprinkler valves to Orbit solenoid replacement valves, we have it. Everything you need for sprinkler valve troubleshooting, rebuilds, and more is below.

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