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Sprinkler Backflow Preventers | Sprinkler System Parts

We have a wide selection of Orbit Anti Siphon Valves and other back flow preventers necessary for a smooth running sprinkler system.

Back Flow valves are essential for all irrigation systems that run on water that comes from a drinkable source. In some areas, it is required by law to have an Anti Siphon Valve or back flow preventer installed onto your sprinkler system to prevent irrigation water getting back into the "potable," or, drinkable water.

Keep in mind that the valves that turn your irrigation system water flow on and off are not sufficient to stopping water from flowing back into the initial water source. Anti Siphon Valves or Back Flow Preventers are essential to keeping your drinking water clean and chemical-free.

Choose from our great selection of quality Orbit Anti Siphon Valves you can count on!

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